A Trip to the Bridal Store!

June 3.  We stopped by the jeweler to leave the ring for sizing, then headed to the bridal store.  The salesperson got us started looking while she set up the dressing room.  When she returned, a discussion ensued between her and my daughter about the neckline.  I thought this was where I was supposed to insert my instructions.  Oops!

“Mom.  I’ve got it.”

Ouch. “Oh.  Okaayy…  I guess I’ll just go wait in the car….”

Her sister had to come get me.  Seriously, WHY was I not built with a rewind-&-redo button?!!  It is NOT every mother’s dream to finally take her daughter wedding gown shopping, and—within five minutes—have her in tearsWAY TO GO, MOM. …It took her an hour, but she forgave me.

So the first dress she tried on looked wonderful on her, and the price was right.  So, of course, she tried on another one.  {hehe}

And another.

And another.

We eventually discovered we needed that first one after all; it met the criteria.  After the salesperson got us squared away with all the accoutrements, the two bridesmaids began trying on dresses.  Now, this part gets really complicated (and boring).  All said and done, we were on our way in less than three hours.

Okay, back to the checklist: 1 down, 299 to go.  Next time, I hope I make her laugh.

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4 Responses to A Trip to the Bridal Store!

  1. Sapphira says:

    O no! What happened??

    • elsiephoebe says:

      Hi there, Sapphira. 🙂
      What I wrote on the blog was the entire story. (1) Open mouth. (2) Insert foot.

  2. Nicole Davis says:

    Oh dear, sounds like it was a bit of a fiasco!

    I don’t entirely understand what occurred but I do remember how it was when my daughter was newly engaged– it’s a very sensitive time. Your daughter seems like she must be quite fragile at the moment. Poor thing.

    Hope everything is better now!

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