Diet Day 4.

June 4.  After four hours of sleep, I was in overdrive from 5 till 5.  (Yeah, you got it: ‘getting the excuses out of the way.)  Amid the chaos, I made a weird error at the grocery store.  Two fish.  Frozen.  Heads still on.  Imagine my surprise, however, when I learned that people in my house think a fish with its head still attached is really cool.  …Meh.  If somebody’s cooking fish-head soup, I’m going bye-bye for awhile.

I like fish.  Tonight we’re having salmon.  I was growing corn (that’s what my husband calls it when I furrow my brow) over the 15 bucks that salmon was gonna cost me.  But it seemed a no-brainer to buy it, once I recollected the times I’ve dropped 15 bucks at Panda. Taco Bell. Burger King.

Oh.  One more note.  Yesterday I actually made a casserole without doubling the recipe! Less food, less work, and less dough!  (Literally: it was Impossible Cheeseburger Pie, haha)

General Hot Beverage: Coffee/Stevia.
No snacks except fruit.
No sweets.
Cold Beverage: Crystal Light.
Make your dinners yummy.
Avoid carbs, but don’t go crazy.

No seconds.

Daily Weigh in.
Tell somebody your progress daily.
The Lord’s Table lesson & prayer.
Evening Nothing after dinner.
Go for a walk.
Use a fiber supplement.
Weekdays 20 minutes of physical labor.
Small lunches
Weekends Hike or bike if possible.
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One Response to Diet Day 4.

  1. marian says:

    Hmmm… sounds like an excellent weight loss plan… although I’d feel like I cut my throat if I couldn’t have sweets! hehe (therein lies the problem). But I definitely need to start exercising again along with cutting back on calories. Thanks for the encouragement! 😀
    BTW… I LOVE reading your blogs… you are a very good writer indeed!!! 😀

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