Math in My Head

I can’t do math in my head.  Hey: I spent twelve years homeschooling two daughters: let THEM do it.

And today there was plenty:  40 percent discount on supplies for my daughter’s wedding invitations.  If my daughters hadn’t already figured it out, now they know my deep, dark secret:  all those years at the grocery store, having them do the math in their heads, was not merely a mathematics enrichment activity.

We’re designing the invites around the paper available.  12 x 12 yields 6.  8 x 11 gets us 4.  Ribbon is sold by the yard…  You know what this is?  It’s word problems!   A full hour of, “How many times does 6 go into 80?” … “What’s $1.19 times 20?”  … “40 percent of $6.99?”  My head STILL hurts.

As the white-haired lady handed us the receipt, we looked at our token white bag of paper and envelopes.  What the…?  Not much for $58.00.  “ka-CHING!”   Ah, well.  We reminded each other that ready-made would’ve cost 3 or 4 times as much, and they wouldn’t be as pretty.

Still, we’re trying to watch our pennies.  Upon leaving the store, we continued our big adventure.  We began to hear an orchestral anthem!  I think I saw a shining light!  All three of our hearts soared as we observed we were within 100 yards of our favorite ….coffee kiosk!   [hehe gotcha.]  But that would unravel all our thrift and dieting for the day.  We were stalwart:  no coffee today, ladies; no coffee today.

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3 Responses to Math in My Head

  1. Mish says:

    Sounds fun! Sorry I couldn’t join in the afternoon activities. I was at the hospital listening to groans, beeping noises, and nurses trying to be of some use and comfort. *sigh*
    btw, Lily left a great message on our phone. It was a delight to come home to! (lily) Don’t you LOVE it when you’re leaving a message unfavorably and your mom starts saying something to you? lol 😀

    ~ Mish

  2. Lily says:

    Lol, Michelle 😛

    Mom, it was 48, not 58… right? (I guess it doesn’t matter.)

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