Out With the Old

For years, our garage had rugs and carpet pieces willy-nilly over the whole floor.  ‘Not sure why we did that originally, but, well, it is what it is.  It was okay until this week, when it proved not to be roller-friendly for the heavy trailer my husband just bought.

So today, Adios rug pieces!  Simple? Sure! Except for the shelves, bins, and boxes, and a thick layer of dust, fuzz, and fiber.

I confess: there was a bit of murmuring:  Why do we need all this stuff?

Crab trap, Skeet Shoot — Fishing Poles, Twelve Boots.

Figurines, Thousands of Lights — Season décor, Garland Delights.

Brooms and Whisks, Scrubbers and Cleaners — And why do we have two Sewing Singers?

Umbrellas, Coolers, Tents, and Chairs, — And of Course, Plenty of Spares!

Nuts and Bolts, Wire by the Spool, — Bikes and Toys, Implements, Tools.

Coolant and Oil, Wheels and Tires, — Stuff for the Barbecue, Stuff for the Fire.

Hot Glue, Cutters, Paper, and Bows, — Stuff for the Beach, Stuff for the Snow.

Gloves and Clippers, Gadgets for Hands, — Coats and Sweaters, Heaters and Fans.

Screws and Tape, Depleted we Ain’t, — Nor are we low on Stain or Paint.

Barbells and Skates, Flip-flops and Sandals, — Luggage and Bed-rolls, Bulbs and Candles.

Splitters and Brackets, Outlets and Cords, — Miters and Saws, Screens, and Boards.

Tool Box, Tackle Box, Koosh Ball, Kreel, — And all Sorts of Things for the Automobile.

Posters, CD’s, Snacks, and Pop, — Bottles and Cans, Bucket, and Mop.

Hope Chest and Floral, Wedding Décor, — Crafts and Games, and a Whole Lot More.

Not to Complain, Not that I care, — But Do We Need the Mower in There?

I’d Like to Say We’ve Scaled it Down, — But I Can’t! Just Look Around!

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