Funky Foolish Football

In a discussion today, somebody dissed someone I love.  I dislike that.

The P.I.Q’s (Persons in Question) have been at odds for some time.  For awhile now, it’s clearly been out of my court, really; some time ago I did what I could to help; now I just follow their instructions to stay out of it.

I’ve been told I have the propensity to butt in where I don’t belong.  That’s a bit harsh; I prefer to call it “help with chutzpah!”  You know what?  Sometimes each of us would do well to stop the current method we’re using to solve a situation (especially if it isn’t working), and pay attention to that subtle clearing of the throat heard from the other room.

But that’s where it gets tricky:  when two sides are quarreling, offering your two bits can be like a flank man suddenly undermining a quarterback play.  And in these little tiffs, the flank man wasn’t included in the huddle, so he doesn’t always know who has possession of the ball.  Jumping into the game can get you into a tackle between some heavy hitters, and you could get tangled up and buried.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to help.  So I wait and consider, watch and listen.  Like the coach, I guess.  At some point, though, I just might blow the whistle and call a time-out.   But not before I’ve studied my Guard Guide and secured the help of some Regional Reps.

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One Response to Funky Foolish Football

  1. Sapphira says:

    that sounds like a very sticky situation. i hope it gets solved!

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