Anybody Besides Me Love …BOWLS?

I **Love** Bowls!  They make me happy.  I don’t actively collect them, but to me, a bowl without a home is like a lost puppy; I just have to bring it home.  After 35 years of this, and with my daughter building her hope chest, I thought it time for inventory.

I discovered 18 serving bowls, 11 mixing bowls, 16 soup, 14 cereal, 13 candy, and 6 sauce.  That’s nearly 80 bowls!  Not counting plastic!  I also discovered 5 meat platters.  Why? Since we’re on it, I have in my possession about 90 dinner and dessert plates—and when company comes I use disposable anyhow!

Really.  Maybe I should seek professional help.

Or at least Craigslist or eBay.

A friend recently moved to a much smaller residence.  Her motto in downsizing was simply this:  “If I don’t touch it, I don’t keep it.”  So today I broke the news to my mother that I won’t be keeping the china.  Decades ago, she handed down to me what remained of her set after us kids did a number on it growing up.  (Okay, it wasn’t my sisters; it was me.  Since Mom gave it to me, I haven’t been brave enough to use it even once.)

Speaking of Mom, she’s been in the antique and vintage business since 1970.  If we’re counting stuff, she totally wins.  …But even she makes jokes about my bowls.

P.S. to any readers of my personal acquaintance:  let’s not tell everyone about my Christmas ornament addiction…

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7 Responses to Anybody Besides Me Love …BOWLS?

  1. Lily says:

    Let’s get rid of more stuff. It’s fun.

  2. marian says:

    hello, my name is Marian and I’m a dish-aholic. There, I said it… I love dishes! I have 2 sets of really, really nice dishes, 1 set of Christmas dishes and 2 sets of everyday ones. That doesn’t even count all the teacups and saucers and teapots I have. Welcome Elsiephoebe!

    • Lily says:

      Yo-ho, Marian! Five sets of dishes! It boggles the mind. I feel s-o-o-o much better now! HA

      And Lily, Right on!

  3. Mish says:

    HAHA oh my you guys! This is truly America……

  4. Lily says:

    (That last comment by me was not me, but I’m sure y’all figured it out.)

  5. Msh says:

    Computer skills proven by your mother! 😉

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