Father’s Day Gift

I am a caregiver.  My mother-in-law is very frail physically, and very feeble-minded as well.  She cannot do very much for herself, and does not understand anything anybody says.  However, she convinces herself that nobody’s onto her about all this.  As you can imagine, each day is a new adventure.  But that’s not what today’s blog is about.  It’s Father’s Day.

I mention my mother-in-law, because a few months ago she developed a leg ulcer—which clued us in that her habit of sitting in her chair reading, feet-on-floor, is a No-Go; she needed more time with her feet elevated.  So I asked my husband (her son) if we could let his mom have his power recliner.  He said yes without missing a beat.  [Cool.]  ….Well, recently it occurred to me:   …We haven’t seen him since!  After dinner’s over each evening, and a little small talk, off he goes to the back of the house, to read, or watch something from Netflix on his laptop.

After a few months, I finally started missing him!  (LOL jk)  So, for Father’s Day, the girls and I pooled our resources and got him a recliner to replace the other one.  The first thing he did was …turn on the TV.

…We haven’t seen him since.

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One Response to Father’s Day Gift

  1. marian says:

    LOL… You are too funny! Excellent gift, btw.
    Happy Father’s day to your hubby! 😀

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