To iPhone, or Not to iPhone?

Today at coffee with friends, I proudly displayed my foot-long To-Do list for today—orchestrated down to half-hour increments.  (NOT kidding.)  The others present ooh’d and ahh’d at my organizational skills and efficiency.  I grinned smugly as I re-folded my taped-together papers accordion-style, returning it to my multi-compartmented black purse.

Little did I know, however, coincident with all this I was being completely owned by the only younger person present—who produced from her pocket (she does not carry a purse), her iPhone (and yes, she has the Data Plan).

“It totally pays for itself,” she stated.  As I pondered how thirty bucks a month mysteriously appears in her checking account (they must have an App for that), I shared how my kids tease me about all my task notes and files.  I am completely Old School, and do not foresee a change any time in the near future.  My future son-in-law loves to do a physical imitation of me and my little notes:  “Shuffle-shuffle!” He recently asked my daughter if she was going to turn into me some day.  (This was one evening when he observed that my daughter, working on wedding plans, had an hodgepodge of pieces of paper with chicken scratching all over them.  Ah, yes; Like Mother, Like Daughter.)

Over the long haul, I suppose it’s possible I will get the Mighty iPhone.  After all: how long can I rationalize all these various monthly bills for cell phone, internet, music, online data, and movies?  But until then, I’m happy to throw my money hither and yon, dividing it up between five providers rather than giving it all to the Monster known as AT&T.

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One Response to To iPhone, or Not to iPhone?

  1. just me says:

    I am surprised that you would consider such a big step as the iphone….knowing your LOVE for technology! LOL Just kiddin’ ya…my daughter tells me how so very “simple” it is to use…. I think I would like the iphone myself, but technology hates me, I think. So until then, I watch my husband, and daughter with their mighty iphones! =)

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