A Visit to the Mechanic!

Guess what?! Yay!  I got to go to a mechanic!  I always LOVE this!  First, I get to set aside all the things I am doing—which is a great thrill.  Then I get to drive for half an hour through traffic (I have a special devotion for other drivers).  Finally at my anticipated destination, I bravely traverse the parking lot of an unknown industrial park, looking for a sign that doesn’t end up being there.  Now THIS is an adventure!

Mmm, that wonderful black grease smell.  ‘Can’t get enough.  Yum.  Oh, and I love the next part:  while waiting for the mysterious mechanic to roll out from under a vehicle, I get the privilege of visiting with the large, bald stranger who is wearing shorts and Rag-T.  Sweet!  And it just keeps getting better:  The mystery man rolls out from under the van, sets aside the drippy pan of goo, and comes to shake my hand.

“How are you?”   It occurs to me, I have been to this place before.  And I actually have conversed with this dude.  And, he genuinely wants to know how I am.  I tell him, “Fine,” and then—oh GOODIE, I get to hear the mumbo-jumbo!  I absolutely adore mumbo-jumbo.  If I didn’t get a dose of it once in awhile I might just SPIT!  After that, my absolute favorite: I get to pull from my wallet the entirety of this month’s discretionary income.  But it’s okay, I get something for my money:  a pretty yellow piece of paper, a real-live carbon copy in fact!  And it has written right there on it, the written version of the mumbo-jumbo.  And, for no extra charge, he has added his personal touch—with a flourish—“Thank You.”

“That baby should start right up for ya.”  [I half expected him to tag onto the end, “Little Lady.”]  I was so glad to do this!  After all, I had nothing else to do this afternoon (I never do).  And I really enjoyed that rusty, earthy environment—not to mention the clever posters, vinyl and chrome dining chair, and the giant clock.

I just didn’t want to leave.

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4 Responses to A Visit to the Mechanic!

  1. Sapphira says:

    sounds like you really like mechanics 😉

  2. Tamz says:

    You could go to PCC and learn to work on your car yourself, Little Lady.

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