Quirky Caregiver

Let’s see: anything unusual today?

It was sunny!  Far out!!  (Get it?)

I’m being wild and drinking coffee in the evening!  Cool beans!! (Get it?)

My daughter fried a banana.  Bad!!  (No, I do mean bad.)

My mother-in-law came home today.  The Bomb!!  (I LOL at myself!)

It was her first time away overnight since she moved in with us almost three years ago.  She stayed with her daughter for a few days.  Okay, that’s quite a racket: I can actually hear your brain wheels turning:

“What the…?  She has a daughter?  Why doesn’t she take care of her mother?” (I knew I had brilliant readers.)

The lady lives with her son and me, and I am her caregiver.  In fact, I doubt we’ll have more of these visits:  my sister-in-law—well—she doesn’t do well.  It’s too bad.  But, “not gonna do it … wouldn’t be prudent…”  (I LOL at myself again!)

Dude! While the old woman was gone, we did stuff we never get to do:  Cranked the tunes!  Left our shoes in the way!   Raced down the hall!  Turned on the air!  Put stuff on “her” countertop!   Didn’t do the dishes!  Remained longer in the bathroom!  Left the blinds open after dark!  Talked and laughed out loud until 2!

Oh, for the record: she doesn’t make rules; we make sacrifices.  Rest assured—I am Queen.  😉

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4 Responses to Quirky Caregiver

  1. Tamz says:

    DUDE! … I mean, QUEEN! I get it! LOL!

  2. marian says:

    funny how when our parents get older… they only have one child… the rest seem to disappear!

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