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A Work in Progress

In William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, a main character, Benedick, is a confirmed bachelor.  He describes the woman that could finally pin him down: she’d have to be fair, wise, virtuous, rich, mild, noble, a good conversationalist, and an … Continue reading

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I’m Special!

No voice but Chrissie Hynde could get away with these lyrics:  “There’s nobody else here, no one like me / I’m special, so special / I gotta have some of your attention, give it to me!”  …Frankly, any time I’ve … Continue reading

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Down in the Mouth

Hubby told me today that he is “very discouraged.”  It sounds like he’s not exactly enthusiastic about having two ten-inch internal wounds.  He’s disheartened, overwhelmed and concerned, even fearful.  He needs lots of support, and he’s having a hard time … Continue reading

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The Veterans’ Hospital

My husband’s medical care is through the Veterans Administration.  Today was my first time accompanying him.  [Oh, we learned his Crohn’s flare-up is very severe.] Regarding the VA, I must say—Hubby wasn’t kidding: the staff there is efficient and friendly—and … Continue reading

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Addictive Personality? Nah… Just a Stinker

Maybe I don’t have BPD (e.g. June 12), but could be labeled with APD (Addictive Personality Disorder).   People are said to be “addicted” to food, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, drugs, spending, gambling, sex, work, TV, video games, tattoos, even jogging.  I’ve … Continue reading

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A Rainbow of Farewell

I admit it: I’m a little green. As I write this, my daughter and her fiancé are embarking on a brilliant adventure: selecting an apartment. A year ago, I’d have been green all right, but not envious; more like vomitous. … Continue reading

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Just Stuff I’ve Been Wondering

Why do we find weight easier to gain than to lose? (a)  Dinner out with dessert=3,500 calories=1 pound; To burn that, you have to walk 9 hours; (b) It’s part of the Curse on all mankind; (c) MOO-ha-ha! Why do … Continue reading

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