I realized on a daily basis I’m being manipulated.  My coffeepot uses emotional blackmail, my computer has superficial charm, and my television lies to me.

My makeup gives me the silent treatment, my wardrobe blame-shifts, and my manicure is a master of confusion.  My bathroom scale uses scare tactics, and my hair? well, that’s just full-blown harassment!

The dishwasher is loud.  The blender is obnoxious.  The washer and dryer are relentless.  The refrigerator is cold.

See what I mean?  For a long time I was in denial; wanted to believe I only had a couple of bosses in this life; that I was fairly high on the food chain.  I rationalized the oppression by trivializing it—by considering myself a stride ahead of any cosmetic product or electrical appliance.

But evasion of the issue is not going to help.  I must face the foes.  I need a plan.  If I’m being managed by pity and panic, I can retaliate with scapegoats and sarcasm. I’ll go from victim to victor!

So beware, all you diversions, decorations, and devices:  I’m onto you: no more Mrs. Nice-Guy.

I’ll start with the coffee.

No wait: the computer.

Aw, the heck with it.

Let’s face it:  when it comes to wherewithal, I wouldn’t win against a trained seal.

All kidding aside, it is true that each of us deals with manipulation on some level.  Others handle us; and we, too, strategize to get our own way.  May this reminder cause each of us to consider ways to be strong where we need to be—and humble where we need to be.

Luke 18:27:   “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

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2 Responses to Mess-O-Manipulation

  1. Mish says:

    You are a clever writer! seriously….you could be published! 😀

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