When the Walls Come Crumbling Down

Somebody said I’ve been a tad grumpy this last couple of days.  Frankly, that’s the standard answer I get when I’ve said “No” more than once in 24 hours.  Ha!

“No, we can’t stop for tacos; we’re already late as it is.” That means I’m grumpy.

“No, I am not inclined to add that 15 bucks’ worth to my grocery list.”  Yup, that’s me: Grumpus Maximus!

I’m pretty cheerful most of the time, so if I get a little blah now and then, somebody’s gotta say something.  I think it’s interesting that the people who address my grumpiness are usually the ones that have a reputation for being cranky most of the time!  In the wise words of the inimitable Cliff Clavin, “What’s up with THAT?”

The truth is I’m doing well, all things considered.  My husband’s chronic illness is acting up, my daughter’s getting married, we’ve got the economic woes like everyone has, my weight is a problem, and then there are always those relationship issues!

Right now, on some fronts, I truly feel like the walls are crumbling down.

If you look at the list I’ve laid out here, maybe you can see a common thread:  isolation.  I am a social creature—and some of these trends have me worried.  So I pray for faith, grace, and patience.  In that process, I’ve been reminded to do what I can:  help my husband take care of himself, embrace the upcoming wedding, be faithful with resources, work on my fitness, and be pro-active in relationships.

It might be overwhelming, but I need to remember:  I actually know the One who made the earth. and the sun. and the moon. and a gazillion stars.  If I have a situation, He can handle it.

Ps. 126:3    The LORD has done great things for us, And we are glad.

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2 Responses to When the Walls Come Crumbling Down

  1. Mish says:

    Awww….cheer up mate. Things will turn out! 😀

    note: read with Australian accent.

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