Hubby Took a Day Off

I don’t even need to write this blog; the title says it all!  HA

As I’ve mentioned before—in my domain, I am queen.  Of course, evenings and weekends it reverts to an absolute monarchy—oh, and on the occasional day off (e.g. today).

I’m a systematic sovereign.  I run my “queendom” on course, in calculation, and over-categorized.   So having the king around can really throw off my efficiency groove.

For starters, I was almost late to the coffee barista for my appointed gabfest.  Arghh!

Getting home found Cinderella was too busy helping Dad to bring in the groceries!  >_ <

Then, before I could even check my Facebook, I had to hunt down some stuff un-findable by the king.  Brother.

It was time to grab some lunch; but n-o-o-o!  He decided it was time to discuss something.  Now?

As I was finally eating leftovers, I found a written phone message. If he hadn’t been home to answer, they’d have called my cell phone.  Man!

This was totally going to interfere with my nap time! 

Plus, I had not gotten my reading done.  I went to sit down, but—you guessed it—he’d put stuff there.  Oooh….

I wanted to meet the kids for ice cream, but somebody was working on my car!  The audacity.

Then I sat down to write my blog.  Here comes Cinderella with an update on Dad’s project.  How am I supposed to concentrate?

Later, he interrupted my hair coloring.  He’d better hope I don’t wake up a baldy.

I love my Hubby, but it’s good that companies only give a few days off a year.  Seriously.

Okay, a P.S.  This is what you call satire. irony. parody. exaggeration. hyperbole. By God’s grace, I’m not that bugged.  (But yeah, each of the above did happen today.)  And for the record I’m a diligent worker, and today was no exception.  (But yeah, the gabfest was real, too, hee hee.)

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9 Responses to Hubby Took a Day Off

  1. Kimi says:

    ha ha ha….LOL!!!!!
    But really It reminds me that my Hubby will be home all next week and what I get to look forward to :0)

  2. marian says:

    “Then, before I could even check my Facebook, I had to hunt down some stuff un-findable by the king. Brother.” ….

    That happens a lot around my house too. You know why they can never find what they are looking for? Because they “man-look”. I always tell mine, “you man-looked again… now you need to REALLY look!”… not that it does any good. hehe

    • elsiephoebe says:

      I LOVE THAT! Man-look! HAHAHA: Walk into a room (not the logical one, by the way), and stand there, waiting for the thing to magically fly into the hands.

  3. marian says:

    yep…that’s it!… that’s the “man-look!” And there’s “man-listening” too! 😛

  4. elsiephoebe says:

    And man-reading!!

  5. Nicole says:

    Interesting day with your hubby off Mama!

    I was going to say– quite an exaggeration, I’m sure…

    I wish my husband would have a day off soon- he owes me a full cooked meal! We had a joke going with each other at the 4th of July rodeo in town- and now it’s led to him giving me a fresh made dinner! haha Oh husbands, they are too funny!

  6. Nicole says:

    LOL You totally should! I like that idea 😉

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