My Kitty

I haven’t felt well this weekend.  Hubby’s been sick for a few weeks.  (Two different ailments.)  At least the girls are fine.

And the cat seems to be A-Okay!  Kitty had to wait today a few extra hours for her food.  Man, you’d think we’d been on vacation! Such drama. She’s half tabby and half Siamese: one minute she’s a Sassy Snob, and the next she’s an Untamed Tom.  But now that she’s older and heavier, she’s just a Lazy Lou.

I love my kitty.  She’s a cuddly baby (on her terms, of course).  Because she’s Siamese, she’s very verbal and involved with us.  But her tabby-ness keeps her at a distance—like  she’s got some adventure planned.  But she’s too lazy to leave the front yard.  Seriously: most of the time she looks like this two-gallon ball that could set records for sitting in one spot for hours on end.

This is my fourth cat.  But I have a secret (don’t tell my family).  I love doggies.  I just refuse to let anybody bring one home, because I cannot imagine myself loving anything enough to …yeah… that.  In fact, having had three cats, when we got Maggie I made the girls vow that they’d to all the …yeah… that.  My mother (who lives in an addition to our house) has always had dogs—so we get to pet and play, but without the …yeah… that.

My daughter, the one who’s working with horses, would love a Big Goggie.  ….It may be Cruel, but Mom makes the Rules. Funny, Hubby never overrules me.  See, I always remind him I will not help with the dog. Somehow he loses his enthusiasm at that point, LOL.

So, we have Maggie.  Ironically, my engaged daughter loves the cat but can’t take the critter along.  I’m stuck.  (But I kinda like it, hehe)

Oh.  Originally, when I didn’t want pets, we settled for a hamster.  Don’t even get me started on that.

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One Response to My Kitty

  1. Lily says:

    We have a good kitty. 😀
    It turned out that Maggie’s less trouble than Hank-a-Frank. Or maybe I just don’t mind Maggie as much.

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