Communicate an Update, Mate!

Tonight some friends are joining us for a work party for the wedding invitations.  After we’re done, I hope they’re still our friends!

Hubby’s still very sick (will be for awhile), but he was able to go to work today.   He’d rather suffer pain and near fainting than spend another day at home!

His wedding ring has been found!  As the car pulled out of the driveway, my daughter spotted it on the concrete.  It’s a good thing, I tell ya!  If Momma ain’t happy…

My diet comes and goes; I’m afraid it’s hit-and-miss.  For every meal I don’t miss, I should be hit.

The little lady is getting older and moving really slowly.  Yesterday she had an appointment for 1:00 p. m.  She started getting ready at 8:30 in the morning.

I’ve been trying my new efforts at talking more with Hubby.  The tricky part is he’s sick right now.  Let’s see… as if one gut-wrenching pain wasn’t enough…

The garage clean-out is going well.  It’s down to my Christmas decorations and my daughter’s hope chest stuff.  Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the couple got home from their honeymoon and found it all delivered—but the two got switched?

Now, a quick recap on blogs I’ve posted.  I really shouldn’t post it, because it’s LAME, but I spent an hour on it, so…

Caregiver As long as we Illustrate, Demonstrate, and Enunciate we can Recuperate
Changes Though it’s Late, still a Helpmate to my Roommate
Clean-up Want to Obliterate or at least Donate, Can’t Delegate, Garage sale to Motivate
Diet How I Ate will Dictate and Elevate blasted Weight, I Procrastinate
Feuds Stalemate, a little Hate; maybe they should Medicate
Forgiveness Meditate, Initiate a Clean Slate, no Stalemate at any Rate
Friend’s Accident Never Underestimate: he’s able to Circulate and Navigate
Heart I Appreciate there’s not much to Aggravate or Agitate—can you Relate?
Hubby Test Date, Sickly State, light on the Plate, somewhat Sedate
iPhone I Wait, Can’t Operate, They may be Great, but I still Hesitate
Kitty No need to Investigate or Debate, she likes Bait
Wedding Have to Accelerate, I’m a Cheapskate, starting to Exasperate but I’m not Irate
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