The Veterans’ Hospital

My husband’s medical care is through the Veterans Administration.  Today was my first time accompanying him.  [Oh, we learned his Crohn’s flare-up is very severe.]

Regarding the VA, I must say—Hubby wasn’t kidding: the staff there is efficient and friendly—and so were most of the patients we encountered.  Some of those nurses waited for years to get on at the VA; they love working with Vets: for the most part veterans are not whiners, and they treat the staff with respect.  The older nurses spent most of their careers helping World War II Veterans; now the majority is from the Viet Nam era, but they see Vets who served in Korea, the Middle East, and everywhere in-between.

Today I waited a few hours in a waiting room.  People actually talked amongst each other!  Others didn’t care that we could hear their conversations (hearing loss, probably); it was clear many patients at the VA are politically minded.  One guy was parroting things he’d seen on TV last night.  Another was concerned about impending socialism.  Another, clearly a middle-aged hippy, was pointing at the poster of the new, clean-cut hospital administrator, who was no-doubt a “darn right-winger.”

I elected to remain neutral (just for today).  I’d brought a tote bag with things to do.  I was cutting and sorting, which intrigued some; we joked how rare it is, in this computer age, to see somebody actually working with scissors and paper clips.  As the number in the waiting room dwindled, I shifted to just reading. When the nurse brought my Hubby back to me, I looked up and found I was the last man standing.

I drove home my groggy boy.  The procedure triggered pain (poor guy), so he rested this afternoon while I caught up on work.

We have an understanding that I don’t take cooking requests (he’s a former professional cook and wants to back-seat drive)—but he’d emailed me the other day about the meal he was dreaming about during this fasting phase.  Dang straight, that’s what we’re having.

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2 Responses to The Veterans’ Hospital

  1. just me says:

    The Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and yours, dear sis. still praying with you…

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