Birthday Party

We stayed the right amount of time: not the first to arrive, and not the last to leave.  I had not seen this birthday girl since she’d grown. But she’d changed for the better, and it was pleasant—albeit surrealistic hearing the same little voice from what appeared to be a completely different humanoid.

We visited with a powder coating factory lead, a patient care facility manager, an eye care office worker, an auto worker, a hat maker, and a dog washer. The most interesting job was the dog washer.

Speaking of dogs, there were plenty—in the yard where we were, and each yard all around.  And we even talked about the dogs that weren’t present.  The home was near the fairgrounds and the fair is on, so the hosts, guests, and dogs had a little competition.  The cat never came out of hiding.  Hers was a tragic birth: the night the momma-kitty had the litter, there was a storm and part of the barn roof blew off. The next morning, the repair crew found the momma had booked it, and the two other kittens had not survived.

The food was delicious—all made from scratch, too.  Man, I wish I could make potato salad like that!  I like this house better than the one they had before.  Covered patio, split entry, two fireplaces, hardwood floors, and a giant master bedroom.  She showed me the quilt it took four years to finally complete: beautiful.

It was great to see the girl again, and to meet new friends that are old friends of old friends.  (If you followed that, you’re doing better than I.)

On the way home, Hubby said, “You were really clever and social tonight.”  LoL, he sounded surprised. What’s up with that?

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