Moving Meeting

Yesterday I orchestrated a mini-meeting with my soon-to-be son-in-law.  Lately jokes have been flying about Big Changes after The Big Day, and since most jesting has a kernel of truth, I wanted to see how big that kernel is.  Having been chaperone, I actually make most of the jokes.  But he never takes the bait (he has a stoic sense of humor).

ME: “You guys are so sick of me, we’ll probably only see you on Christmas and Easter.”  SON: “Don’t forget, there’s Thanksgiving, too.”

ME:  Wow, that apartment’s second bedroom will be perfect for when the mother-in-law comes to visit.”  SON:  [keeps walking]

Yesterday’s meeting went well.  Obviously, they are going to want a lot of time and space, especially at first (I don’t blame them).  But I came away assured that they want to maintain active ties with the family.  And I assured him that, despite my needy repartee of late, I do have proper perspective.  I tossed into the ring a few ideas to prevent us from losing touch.  I also asked him to be forthright with me on occasion—as I will likely need his help in morphing this relationship.

This moving meeting didn’t come about arbitrarily:  that morning, the mailman delivered the dress I’m to wear on The Big Day.  Upon trying it on, my first reaction was, “YESS! I don’t look like a CLOWN!” Then I broke down and cried.   This October, when I don that frock, head to the chapel, and am ushered to my seat in the front row, I want it to be a time of joy, not a fearful nightmare.  So yesterday, in the afternoon hours, I mustered the wherewithal to clear the air.  In tears, I told him, “I don’t want to cry like this at the wedding.”  He replied, “I don’t think you’re gonna get around that.”

And we hugged.

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4 Responses to Moving Meeting

  1. Sapphira says:

    I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have a child leave the nest! I wish you the very best in getting used to the idea, & then the actual change when it happens. I’m sure your future-son-in-law & daughter won’t just disappear, but remember that it’s good for them to “leave and cleave.”

  2. Jan D says:

    When my girls got married I got two sons. They are great boys and we have a great relation ship. You are right on tract getting to know him on a one to one basis. God bless you during this time. So excited for you guys. What does Hubby think of all of this? How is he doing? We have been praying for him.

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