Six Standard Stops

Today the young bride had the practice appointment at the beauty salon. (Whatever!) You know things are wacky when somebody has to make a deposit on a hair-do.  Actually, she’s going to look lovely; the thing went without a hitch—if you don’t count the trip being a driving lesson (Hurry! Somebody call 9-1-1!), complete with two or three detours for road construction (Seriously, do they have to work on both north-south arterials?)

I had a coupon at the better second-hand clothing store that was in that neighborhood, so we stopped in to hunt for shoes to match that dress of mine.   I found the perfect pair!  Just like my dress, they’re light-sage-colored, and beaded.  They’re perfect for pictures.  But there’s no walking in ‘em. …I decided to surrender the “shopportunity” coupon to my daughter, who got board shorts, an exercise shirt, and a robe.

Then we went to the library.  Every three weeks, I trade in the little old lady’s five books for another five.  She’s particular, so I’ve composed a list of all books in the entire county library system that meet her criteria.  She tells me what author to get, but doesn’t have any idea that I’m keeping track.  She ends up rotating through the entire list each year, then repeats.  Ah, the benefits of  dementia.

Then to the discount store for middle-aged-man stuff from head to toe: medicated shampoo, oat cereal, fiber supplement, saw palmetto, and foot powder.  I can’t believe it—that short list, plus a bag of paper plates (I love paper plates!), set me back over 80 bucks!

My Mapquest route-builder included three more stops: gasoline, canker sore medicine, and a Wii points card for Rock Band.

Welcome to my Wonderful Wednesday.

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