Baby’s Gone A Bit

Sadness!  My little girl is away for a few days.  It’s her second year going to the lake with a friend and her family.  She’s actually not a little girl, she’s 17; but upon departure it occurred to her this is her first time away without a family member.  Until this trip, one of us (dad, sister, or me) has always accompanied her.

Since I’ve been writing this blog, it’s been a lot about my older daughter, who is getting married.  But today I am missing D2.

It’s funny: she’s a very quiet person, but the house is actually even quieter without her—probably because her animated older sister is temporarily without a “straight man.”

D2 is extremely quiet; in fact, my nickname for her is stealth queen. All her life I’ve found myself startled, “Where’s L?” only to turn around and find her standing right behind me.

But today, I turn around, and she’s not standing right behind me.

I miss her devotion to this family: it makes her so happy to be part of this home.

I miss her servanthood: filling her shoes this last couple of days has reminded me how many things she just does around here to keep things nice.

I miss her grin: that kid has got the funniest way of speaking volumes without a single word.

I miss her wackiness!  Very few people know what a goofball she is!

I miss her cuisine:  tonight we’re going to have to grill our own chicken.

I miss her holiness: this girl often sets the bar for the rest of us, and does so with humility.

I miss her candor: she tells it like it is, that’s for sure.

I miss her logic: I’ve known few people of such common sense and simple solutions.

I miss her beauty:  she’s a very lovely creation to see.

I miss her cuteness: she hates this one; but there’s no getting around it.

I miss her gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.

I miss her understanding: she gets me better than anybody (I guarantee when she reads this she’ll know I’m crying right now).

I miss turning around and finding her standing right behind me.

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6 Responses to Baby’s Gone A Bit

  1. Nicole says:

    Such a sweet blog– brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for my daughter too!

  2. Lily says:

    Aw, Mommy! I’m crying too! I feel so loved! I’m glad to be back with you all now 🙂

  3. elsiephoebe says:

    I am glad you’re home, Sweetie. It was nice not having to clean the kitchen after dinner. LOL

  4. lumpy lori says:

    Ok, ok, you got me crying again – stop it!!
    Yes, I know you must be really missing that sweet daughter of yours. I wish I had one like her.

    love ya,

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