Counting the Cost

Every time I pay bills, it reminds me we pay the piper today for past choices: housing, cars, possessions, and services.  The option was taken instantly, but that choice continues to incur costs that keep going, and going…

This concept pervades. If we take a vacation, we have to work that much harder afterward. Eat a donut and you have to work out a few times.  Respond to one email forward, and you’re on someone’s list.  Offer to babysit, you’re on someone’s list.  If you buy a plant, you have to water it.  Get a dog, and you have to scoop after it.  Get a husband…  well, you get my meaning.

When faced with a choice, the smart person counts the cost. How long will I be paying for that car? How much exercise will it take to undo that apple fritter? How redundant it will be to walk that cute little puppy every day for 17 years?

I want to be like construction workers and better seamstresses:  “measure twice / cut once.”  In this fast-paced society, I’m for getting into the habit of holding onto that coin a minute before it drops in and starts the meter running.

Now, for the record, some things are worth taking the opportunity, even though you can’t officially calculate the cost.

One such example would be to obey the gospel of Christ. Hope: Amen.  But count on it, your desires will give you the runaround, your heart and mind will lie to you, and the world will hate you.  But it’s still the way to go—it means being radically pruned by the Vinedresser, even preserved from the fire.

Another example of a change worth making (even with a lot of unknowns) is marriage. This is one change that has set me back a few, so to speak—but the investment is paying off.  I’m gaining interest daily, I have a co-signer, and I have two great little dividends!

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