Act Naturally

If you’re like me, you dig the song, “Act Naturally”.  I like Buck Owens’ version, but Ringo’s and Loretta’s covers are good too.

Oh, and the Owens/Starr duet.

Here’s one of the verses:

Well, I hope you come and see me in the movie
Then I’ll know that you will plainly see
The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
And all I have to do is act naturally

First of all, it’s one of the most fun songs to sing along with!  I guess we can thank co-writer Voni Morrison for that.

But I especially like this song because it’s proud, yet humble; sad, yet funny; despairing, yet hopeful.

We all could take a lesson from Johnny Russell, the lyric writer.  From Wikipedia:  “friends from Oklahoma planned to do a recording session in Los Angeles and asked him to join them. In order to do so, Russell had to break a date with his then-girlfriend. “When she asked me why I was going to L.A., I answered, ‘They are going to put me in the movies and make a big star out of me.’ We both laughed.”

This guy laughs at himself.  Kudos, Johnny!

I’ll interject my favorite quotes about laughing at yourself:

“Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.”  [Perfect.]

“If you can’t laugh at yourself…  I’ll do it for you.”  [I’d almost wear a T-shirt emblazoned with THAT one.]

All to say, I’m learning that I can be humble without being self-effacing, and to cling to reality while still clinging to dreams—and it’s a lot easier if somebody’s laughing along the way.  …LOL, it may as well be me.

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2 Responses to Act Naturally

  1. Oh you are such a goofball — just like me! I love that song too! It’s fun!

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