A Place Crawlin’ with Humans

A friend visited Yours TRULY today.  I love that!  I also splurged and took a three-hour nap.  [Don’t ya just love Saturdays?]

Today HUBBY felt a lot better. (Whew!)  He’s still sick, though, so had to miss his biggest annual fishing trip. [1st time he’s missed in 12 years.]

DAUGHTER 1 had to work; at her workplace there was a pipe break; all day the break room smelled. [“Like a ten-year-old toilet.”]

DAUGHTER 2 went bowling. We’ve been bowling a lot lately.  [Today she scored her best:  99!]

Future SON-IN-LAW helped at a workday.  I was glad they scheduled it before the heat of the afternoon.  [It’s supposed to be 100 by Monday!]

My NEPHEW and his BUDDY like Peace Tea and Pizza Rolls.  How those two go together I cannot tell you.  [lol, Not the boys, the tea and tidbits.]

My SISTER packed up what remained of Mom’s garage sale (I helped).  What a lot of packing.  [I’m so glad I’ve stayed out of the 2nd-hand business!]

My MOM’s walking was very wobbly today.  She always works hard, but this garage sale has been too much.  [I’ve got to start learning from these examples!]

Hubby’s little lady MOTHER has been having trouble keeping track of all these people.  She just nods and smiles.  [Another example to learn from!]

Yup, there are NINE of us around here for the weekend.  [And Hubby had dibs on one of the bathrooms.]

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