God’s Half Acre

We took our coffee out to the deck to watch the sun rise, and got an added blessing: up-close and personal with the hummingbirds.  Hubby is always amazed at their insect-like wing speed.  They were hovering very close to my afro.  He says under his breath, “If that bird were any bigger it could hurt you.”  I told him how the other day I actually did get nicked.  Man, they’re loud in your ear!  This morning we watched a small, stubby one tormenting the pretty, sleek female that was stoking up with repeated visits (maybe for her little ones?).

Our property abuts a designated natural wetland, so we enjoy many species of resident and migratory birds, as well as other wildlife.  Again, we are blessed.

Tall grasses cover the back 40; it’s fun for kids: they “explore” short trails they’ve cut with their own sickles, and hide out in makeshift forts in the trees.  They can also ride the zip line (if they don’t mind their backsides dragging in the bark dust).

Our neighbor planted noble firs along the property line. We added curly willows, and a hammock, amidst a hodgepodge of furniture; a place to chill.  We’re growing a few fledgling fruit trees, and Hubby’s trying his hand at a grape arbor.  On our opposite boundary is a steep bank—partially landscaped, and partially blackberries—and every year my mother grows a plentiful vegetable garden.

I do not have a green thumb, so I’ve developed low-maintenance landscaping, including a rock garden the length of the yard.  Funny: after 17 years, it’s still a work in progress.  There and elsewhere I’ve planted probably 100 plant varieties.  A professional planner would be appalled.

My favorite feature is something that Mom added—inspired by my Grandpa—steps to a long path that leads to a concrete fire pit.  We’ve had many a roaring fire surrounded by friends and family.

There’s one area I will do nothing with.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is supposed to be my Master Suite.  Funny: after 17 years, it’s still a work in progress.

P.S. to yesterday’s blog:

Done (Planned):
Coffee with Hubby
AM List
Read John 15-21
Summarize John 17
Finish chapter in Maranatha
Appraisal typing
Organize linen closet
Re-do recycling area
Inventory school books
Drive D1 to work
Super-glue bookend with Hubby
Balance lady’s checkbook
Dental appointments
Mail shower invitations
Touch base with D1: To-Do’s
PM List
Gather with friends
Done (Unplanned):
Enjoy hummingbirds
Appraisal editing
Hubby was home
Delivery SNAFU
My dad called
Sort drawer
Posting receipts
Read friend’s blog
Track down address
Little lady recycling
Ordered books
Found lost books
Canceled book order
Help hook trailer
Errand itinerary
Discuss Driver’s Ed
Discuss Calendar
Discuss DEQ
This list
Not Done
Hubby breakfast [he did it]
Hubby lunch [he did it]
Help sis pack trailer [nephew did it]
Dust [daughter did it]
Sundry stop  [Hubby did it]
Buy songs for MP3 [Hubby said wait]
Buy dowel [Oops, forgot]

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2 Responses to God’s Half Acre

  1. tamz says:

    Ok, now I AM awestruck. You really do amaze me with your time management! I will say, though, that having a list for the day always does make my day more productive. I did accomplish a lot today, and I’ve started another list for tomorrow. May it all be for His glory and open to His changing.

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