Little Pink Houses for You and Me

John Mellencamp writes songs about real people like “Jack and Diane” in a “Small Town”.  His song “Pink Houses” has a catchy chorus: “Ain’t that America….”  This song is about poor folk, teens with abandoned dreams, highfalutin businessmen, and drug addicts.

My momma’s first house was pink.  I was only two years old at the time, so my only memory of it is from a black-and-white photograph.  (Figure that one out, ha ha.)  She was a single mother, but we weren’t poor folk.   We went through our teens without abandoning our dreams.  None of us is a highfalutin businessman, and yeah, no addicts, thank-you-very-much.

Speaking of addicts, who else but a former druggie would think the entire 3.79 million miles of U.S. countryside would be a carbon copy of his own rural [poor folk] neighborhood?  The chorus should have been, “Ain’t that Indiana” – but it wouldn’t have sold as many copies.  Speaking of highfalutin businessmen…

[NOTE: I am aware of JM’s political views; this blog is not about that.]

America, for me, has been a place of wonder.  My whole life I’ve experienced the feeling of American freedom.  Living in the USA, we’ve been given many gifts, including stewardship of a little piece of it.  We raised our families in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and nobody was successful in stepping in our way.  We both have had careers, our children are well educated, and our elderly have had good health care—all under the beautiful Star-Spangled Banner.

Plus, don’t forget the added bonuses of the Hershey chocolate, Disneyland, Captain Kangaroo, and …Bowling!

And, to God’s glory, this country is breathtaking. While I’ve only seen half of it, I’ve seen enough to be awestruck: the Columbia Gorge, Redwood Forest, Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, Carlsbad Caverns, the Pacific Coast, and Hawaii.     ……Take that, Indiana Man.

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2 Responses to Little Pink Houses for You and Me

  1. tamz says:

    Speaking of American beauty…. Hike anyone?

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