Wedding Update

By popular demand, here’s a quick update:

Invitations –We cut out all the components, and some friends helped us put them together.  A planned stamped logo didn’t work, so we used it on the envelopes instead.

Wedding Bands – They got ‘em.  It was like a week before he paid off the engagement ring.

Venue – The church is booked and we took the tour.  The sanctuary is more than we want, and the reception room is less than we want; but at our own church, the reverse is true…

Decorations – She chose lovely colors and the components are coming together very nicely.

Groom Stuff – The groom is on task with the list we gave him!

Flower Girl/Ring Bearer – Custom-made ring pillow by a friend turned out so pretty!  Outfits from

Hair – Trial run done.

Shoes – Converse, especially embroidered: check!

Cake – It’s ordered!

Music – She’s picked some of her music, and has arranged a pianist.

Dress – All fittings and alterations done.

Maids’ Dresses – Made; today we picked them up, dropped at the tailor.

Mother of the Bride – My dress came.  I even found a little purse.  Now for the shoes…

Father of the Bride – Because of his Crohn’s he’s been losing weight.  We’re holding off for now.

Flowers – She ordered her bridal bouquet, and is deciding between two sources for the other flowers.

Programs – We have all the materials and it’s partially written.

Old/New/Borrowed/Blue – Done!

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2 Responses to Wedding Update

  1. just me says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see how it all will come together in person! Keep havin’ all joy whilst in the midst of the planning =D By God’s grace you all will.

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