People are Wonderful

Mom’s out of town; I miss her when she’s gone.

I delivered Daughter #1 to her workplace.  She’s a good kid, and good at her job: capable and friendly.

Then I dropped her best friend at home.  This friend has candor.  I like candor.  It’s refreshing.

Then I stopped by our church. I saw a faithful deacon I think of as a brother, and his son, a very pleasant young man I’ve grown to love also.

There was another stalwart gentleman I also love.  He was painting the outside of the church: a good update from the beige to a neutral taupe.

When I got home I greeted Hubby’s sister.  She comes to visit the little lady twice a month.  It’s cute: they watch Little House on the Prairie.

Then we took sweet Daughter #2 shopping for tack.  In addition to lessons, she’s driving a cart led by a trained miniature horse.  His name is Max, isn’t that funny?

I saw the email notifier that work had come in.  It started with my favorite two words:  “No rush.”  This guy, by the way, is another brother.

Then we corralled D1 and D2 and retrieved the above friend—and delivered them to D1’s fiancé, a welcome addition to our family; they went on a hike.

Hubby and I took a drive and visited my niece.  MAN, she looks good for someone celebrating her 40th.

We got some good pictures of my active, blonde great-nephew climbing a tree.

My nephew was out for a bit, but we always enjoy seeing him; we’ll say Hi at the wedding.

We enjoyed meeting some of their friends; it stands to reason that awesome people would have awesome friends.

Then Hubby and I went out to eat.  We met a very fun waitress named Barb.  She cracked me up!

Tonight Hubby treated me like a queen. He’s my bud.

Then the “kids” got back safely.  I’m so glad the family feels enjoys the comfort of home.

People are Wonderful.


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4 Responses to People are Wonderful

  1. tamz says:

    A great reminder to be thankful, not only for the people in our lives (despite their quirks or worse), but also every blessing. We would do well to make such a list very often. Thank you!

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