Physical Phenomenon

For most of my life I’ve suffered this weird recurring altered state of consciousness.  Whenever it happens, I have extremely limited use of my muscles, my senses are dulled, and my salivary glands go berserk.  I think my husband has it too—even worse than I: he can’t breathe, and his mouth makes all sorts of noises.

It’s chronic, but I’ve never had it diagnosed—because, strange as it seems, after these spells I feel better than beforehand: my memory clears, I have more energy, I’m not as clumsy, and I can drive better; even my mood improves—especially since I discovered a drug that helps the situation.

Whenever I’ve tried to overcome this strange phenomenon, I tend to become ill—so I just live with it.  I totally empathize with those of you with migraines or fibromyalgia; it’s tough living with a disorder like this!

Thankfully, last night I had some help overcoming my problem.  The phenomenon overtook me at 11.  (These last few years it seems to do that every single day, and I can’t bring myself out of it until 5 the next morning!)  But this time my family took pity on me:  I was cured after one hour of it by a disturbance: somebody else was succumbed to the same dilemma, and walked by to find a place of refuge.  And again, at 2, another!  Then, at 3 AM, Hubby overcame his disorder; it was a miracle! By 4, he was leaving to go fishing!  At 5, he called me for some info, which relieved my symptoms for the fifth time.  At 6, my bladder helped me out, and at 7 I received my usual assistance by the old lady shuffling by to get her bran and prunes.

If it weren’t for these people, I think this physical malady could often steal 8 hours of my time without interruption!  I suppose I should go have it looked at.

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12 Responses to Physical Phenomenon

  1. tamz says:


  2. Nicole says:

    Yikes! That makes me worried Mama Elsie. Sounds like it could be anxiety-related. Have you ever thought of going to a counselor?

    Sorry to hear you have to deal with that… but happy to know you’re better

  3. tamz says:

    Nicole, remember that Mama Elsie is the queen of tongue-in-cheek. ‘o)

  4. Sapphira says:

    I don’t know… that took me a while to figure out what she was talking about. 😉

  5. tamz says:

    HAHA! Maybe you need a little more of it.

  6. Oh no! You suffer from this “ailment” too? It seems like everyone I know does. LOL Very clever, my friend. I loved it!!!!

  7. Kimi says:

    Wow, I used to have that too. But was quickly cured of it about 3 years ago. Now it only comes back once in awhile LOL! Love it!

  8. tamz says:

    I would actually love to contract this ‘ailment’ for one whole night. Maybe that would stop this malady I’ve been suffering from where my mouth spontaneously gapes open for several seconds and my eyes simultaneously close and water.

  9. tamz says:

    Lack of your ‘phenomenon’ makes me have mine……

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