A Day in the Life

Weblog:  “A Day in the Life”

My little mother-in-law threw away two full cans of soup before advising me—two days later—that the cans had faulty pop-tops.  I explained to her, it’s not the tops, it’s just that she’s becoming weaker and cannot open them.  [She needs to start thinking outside the can!]

Last night my own mother reiterated her plea to the kids not to leave the door locked from her bedroom into the bathroom.  She had hung a reminder sign, but some of our guests were quite concerned when they read a giant poster that said, “Unlock my door!”  [One goose asked (jokingly), “How long have you had her in there?”]

Hubby’s healing slowly, but he’s still sore—and the steroids are affecting him: today he talked non-stop for half-an-hour before catching himself.  [That’s usually my trick! without steroids!]

My oldest daughter is holding a baby shower for a co-worker, including handwritten invitations.  [Nice, but yeah, don’t you have some stuff do to on the WEDDING!?]

My 17-year-old daughter was advised today that a nerve is dying and she’ll need a root canal—the sooner, the better.  [It’s from a scooter accident when she was 7!]  We’ll see if they’ll let that wait until after the wedding.  Then, this spring, yup! wisdom teeth!

Tonight I got to take care of four adorable little children.  [They are s-o-o-o cute and hilarious!]   …Earlier today was typing and planning for the Camp Cook thing, including writing the schedule for kitchen shifts.  People are great—they take what they get—but assigning these shifts makes me feel awkward.  [Mr. X, you’re in charge of breakfast.  Mrs. Y, report to me at 11.]   …Also earlier today, we had another meeting of the minds.  Even though it didn’t seem to go well, I was taught by it.

There it is:  A Day in the Life.  And the beat goes on.

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2 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Lily says:

    I think I was more like 12 when that scooter accident happened.
    I’m sorry about the bathroom door again 😦

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    1)- Oh. 2)- No problem, Cutie!

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