Hip-hip Horray! A 20-hour Day!

I got up at 3:30.  I know!  I’m amazing.
Right off the bat, I typed some appraising.
And then I remembered it would be absurd,
To launch into things without God’s Word.
So I read several chapters, and it felt good,
To stop all the busy-ness and do what I should.
Then with scissors and stuff I spent over an hour
On a recipe file for my daughter’s bridal shower.
At 6 am—pretty early I figure,
I made a homemade card with a giant Tigger!
I looked at my schedule and got a little stressed–
So I tied up my projects and went and got dressed.
At 8 o’clock sharp, I ran to the store;
I went for a little, but I got a lot more.
A quick check on Hubby, then a drive into town
To offload the groceries that weighed my car down.
At 10, Hubby met me, and we did a good deed:
We visited our Nonnie—a widow in need.
To the office at noon, to run some church copies,
And make up some appy’s to have with our coffee.
Yes, next on my list was the shower for D-1;
The cake was to die for, and the games were so fun!
While others cleaned up, I camp-shopped again,
And sipped some iced tea with my dear husband.
Then, finally, at 6, was a double grad event,
With lots of good food—I’m so glad we went!
Then we tied up the day, us five at home,
Discussing some things—which makes the end of this poem!
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4 Responses to Hip-hip Horray! A 20-hour Day!

  1. Whew, girl! You make me tired just reading this! Get some rest. You deserve it.

  2. Amber says:

    Wow, you made that Tigger card? I should have looked at it more closely!

  3. elsiephoebe says:

    ‘Glad you didn’t, ha. I tore apart a birthday-party centerpiece and made it into a card. 😉

  4. Tamz says:

    I’m duly impressed!!

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