A Tip of the Hat

Some say we are the sum of our experiences, thoughts, or choices.  Maybe, but who we are also has a great deal to do with …people.

I want to give a Heartfelt Hats Off, Thunderous Thanks, and Loads of Love to the Devoted Dear Ones that have impacted my life.  HERE’S TO YOU!

The awesome Maker of the heavens and the earth.

My dearly beloved friend and fellow sojourner.

The gentleman who keeps in touch over the miles.

The woman who raised  us and still cares so much.

The three young ladies who are special, smart, and cool.

The young man who is also all of the above.

The four kindred women who still keep in touch.

The meekest person I’ve ever known.

The devoted husbands and fathers.

The upright nieces & nephews.

The leader that keeps us on the right path.

The lady who is our home away from home.

The long-time friend who’s a jack of all trades.

The couple that keeps trying to understand us.

The couple that’s welcoming us to the multitude.

The couple that’s helped hone a diamond in the rough.

The family that shares their tears and their giggles.

The couple that are helpers when it hurts.

The couple that is true blue.

The couple that is like a brother and sister to us.

The lady that sends Scripture to encourage.

The couple that’s there when it’s important.

The couple that’s back after all these years.

The couple that are our Facebook buddies.

The couple that raised a brood and helps neighbors.

The family that brings us Southern hospitality.

The bowling guys that act like my 102 is a good thing.

The guys that keep me afloat.

The family that farms, loves, and laughs.

The handyman and his adorable family.

The young people that don’t think I’m weird.

The lady that brings a yearly cheer-up.

My long distance pals.

The kids that remember me when they’re in town.

My blog buddies that listen and offer good input.

Hats Off to Ya’!

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4 Responses to A Tip of the Hat

  1. Lily says:

    It’s awesome that there are so many people who care!

  2. marian says:

    Awww…. we love you guys!!! 😀

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