A Day at the Beach

As usual, Hubby took this week off for fishing, but conditions aren’t good this time around.  Since D2 is good at independent study, I hustled through today’s “Must Do’s” and put the rest in my Thursday file.  Then Hubby and I took off for a day together (something we don’t do often enough).

We started with a restaurant breakfast, then a nice drive—enjoying conversation (another thing that has come along late in the game).  We talked about a lot of things, including deep matters; more than just the kids.

When we pulled into the beach town, we looked in shop windows, going into a few.  I hit a couple of thrift stores (still looking for green shoes for the wedding).  Hubby likes places with collectible kitsch or model cars.

The steroids he’s on were doing their thing, so we just kept it low-keyed, including time on a bench watching the children on the carousel.  I felt sorry for the three-year-old: her daddy said, “Do you want to ride on the giraffe?”  He was pointing at an ostrich.  Then I swear I heard him say, “Oh wait; that’s a zebra.” [Himmanahoo?]

The town was quiet today; I’m sure it had been hopping crazy two days ago.  One merchant described the weekend as “the storm before the calm.”

We made sure to walk along the beach front, which was a little misty, but overall the weather was very cooperative.

When we were finally ready for some warmth, we headed over to a well-known seafood spot and split an order of halibut and chips, which was very good.  Then he treated me to a coffee from a drive-through barista, which much to my pleasure carried the same coffee I get at a restaurant where I live.

The outing ended with a nice ride home, still visiting—but just a little less this time, because we had company: Mr. Henry Mancini.

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6 Responses to A Day at the Beach

  1. marian says:

    Good times! Glad you enjoyed your alone time together… we need that once in a while. God Bless you two! 😀

  2. Debbie says:

    Laura, I’m so glad that you and Dave got away for a day. I know how rare that is. Special time together and a respite from the after campout work and wedding plans. Hope you find your shoes. My late sister wore a beautiful sage green dress to her daughter’s wedding last year. She absolutely glowed and you will, also. Yes, the tears will come, but they will be ones of joy on that special day. May God continue to richly bless you all as you get closer to the big day. Love, Debbie

  3. Ah, sounds like a ‘loverly’ day you spent with your hubby! ♥ As you move on towards that empty nest, you will find you spend more time together as a couple and that time can be such a blessing.

    • elsiephoebe says:

      Yeah, we were talking about how the couples we know that are older, and are happy, have actively built a bond between them. With Hubby being sick these last four months, we’ve become keenly aware of how important that bond will be.

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