Worth The Drive

Before today’s blog, a moment to thank God for being Sovereign over all—and to remember the men, women, and children who lost their lives; all those who sacrificed their lives; and to all the heroes who responded to the emergency September 11, 2001.  I did not lose a loved one that day, nor has a loved one of mine been called to serve since then.  I will say, however, that that act of terrorism affected our lives, and continues to do so.

But today we scraped together a few bucks for some gas, and capitalized on synchronized days off and good weather. Which brings me to today’s blog:

75 miles from home, there’s a little slice of heaven.  As we drove, we left the clouds behind; nothin’ but blue.  And spectacular scenery:  colossal trees, rolling hills, crashing waterfalls, and a wide, blue river.

We made lots of stops, starting with coffee (of course).  Now that I learned a trick or two, I think I will resume making coffee cake.  Today’s was mediocre, mind you—but the tricks I learned were these: deeper cake, fruit at the bottom, and double the toppings.  Mine’s gonna sing.

Bathed in sunshine, we walked through the quaint, historic town, with breathtaking vistas between every block.  [No, I did not find any “green fat lady” shoes (ha, you had to’ been there).]

We hit the Saturday market: produce, flavored honey, blown-glass pendants, and sculptured bread; oh, and organic, corn-fed ground beef at $6.50 a pound.  I offered (privately), “I think we should just keep eating hormones; I’d rather die of cancer with the other 90 percent of society than survive with the 10 percent who would pay that much for a pound of meat, and it’s not even rib eye.”  I said some other stuff too, but I’ll leave that out.

After that we trekked up a hill to some benches in a landscaped park.  It was well worth it: once we sat down, we were flabbergasted: what a view!

The rest of the day, several hours actually, was comprised of feeding goats, buying fruit, browsing antiques, enjoying treats such as huckleberry empanadas, and gathering lavender for the wedding.

We are Americans.  And it’s delicious.

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