How Do I Spell Relief?

Remember the TV commercial:  “How do you spell relief?   R.  O.  L.  A.  I.  D.  S.” Well…..

How do I spell relief?   S.  P.  L.  I.  N.  T. Hubby works with Tom & Jerry (isn’t that cute?).  When Hubby mentioned my plantar fasciitis, Jerry sent home this boot. ‘Worked wonders.  Thanks, Jerry!

How do I spell relief?   C.  A.  M.  R.  Y. We gave our daughter our 1987 Toyota Camry, and now her fiancé has taken over giving her driving lessons.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

How do I spell relief?   N.  E.  T.  F.  L.  I.  X. The mailbox sometimes has a surprise red envelope!  It’s like Christmas …except I get to open the gifts, lol.

How do I spell relief?   H.  A.  I.  R.  D.  O. I have a lot of Hawaiian nappy hair.  With less than a month till the wedding, the mega-massive mutant monstrosity needs an overhaul!

How do I spell relief?   P.  A.  P.  E.  R.  P.  L.  A.  T.  E.  S. Here’s a shout-out to SP for introducing me to these little gems.  I don’t feel too guilty, especially since this morning:  I met a woman who throws away a plastic cat box every 2 or 3 days.

How do I spell relief?   P.  U.  R.  R. When I’m stressed out, there’s nothing like picking up my super-soft kitty and feeling that motorboat start up.

How do I spell relief?   C.  O.  F.  F.  E.  E. How many of you live with 2 women about 80, 2 girls almost 20, and 1 man nearly 60?  Every week, I quietly slip out the door and speedily drive to my Happy Place.  And I stay there until my mocha—or my conversation—is bone dry.

How do I spell relief?   C.  H.  O.  C.  O.  L.  A.  T.  E. One day a month, I spin my wheels around this place, not realizing why I am completely without focus.  Then it occurs to me.  …And I pity the fool who left that chocolate chip jar empty…

How do I spell relief?   W.  O.  R.  D.  P.  R.  E.  S.  S. Every evening, I write down some stuff.  And somebody reads it.  You make my life better.  Thanks.

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