Dancing Lessons in Life

This week we attended our second square dance lesson.  Most Americans have seen square dancing. (Sadly, most remember a lame experience from grade school, which is not representative!)  Anyway, it works best if all eight people understand the caller and can do the moves without much hesitation—all the way through the tip.

I’m sorry to report… an elderly gentleman in our square learned the hard way that his dancing days are probably over.  His breathing just isn’t going the distance.  Poor fellow!  He had to vacate our square half-way through.  Well, veteran dancers know to just keep going, and another dancer will quickly step in.  But we rookies didn’t see that happening, and it turned into a train wreck!

That particular tip had already started as a muddled mess: Hubby and I had missed the training round, and the caller-in-training made a couple of errors as well.  But after the chaos, the confused crowd still kept with tradition:  huddled and bowed, bringing our clasped hands upward in unison with a cheerful, “ThaaankYOU!”   Then we all greeted each other, laughing it off.

I am reminded of a few little lessons from this ten-minute experience:

1)  Many things in life are like a fine-tuned clock: if one part breaks down, the whole thing goes boiinngggg!

2)  Nobody is irreplaceable.

3)  Folks are willing to step in and offer help when things get dicey.

4)  If anybody ever said to you, “When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles; scream and shout!”  …they were lying.  Don’t do it!

5)  Don’t miss the training round, or later on you end up looking like a doofus.

6)  You can overcome the chaos with forgiveness, humor, and thanksgiving.

7)  Get right with God.  We have to give it all up some day, and it will happen when we least expect it.

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