I almost made that  recipe,

I almost jogged today.

I almost scrubbed the floors

Before my time all slipped away.

= – =

I almost cleaned my oven,

I almost shined those shoes,

I almost did the ironing,

But those give me the blues.

= – =

I almost made it to my mom’s,

I almost called my sis;

I almost studied in God’s Word

Before sitting down to this.

= – =

I almost sent a thank-you note,

I almost called a friend;

I almost volunteered this week—

On that I did intend.

= – =

I almost drove to the hospital;

I almost hurry-scurried.

She almost died before I arrived;

Should I have even worried?

= – =

I’ve almost done a lot of things—

I almost will do more.

I’ll almost come for helping you:

‘Cause I never have before!

= – =

I almost think I’ll change my ways,

I almost think I can.

But almost isn’t good enough:

I need the Great “I Am.”

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One Response to Almost

  1. Tamz says:

    Yep, convicting. Thanks, Laura.

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