Two Weeks!!!!!

We have only two weeks left until the wedding!  Here’s what we have left to do!

Logistics – There’s one more song to choose, but it will be on CD, so it’s all good.  We’ll finish moving the bride’s belongings soon, and it will help to scribble the order of tasks for the morning of the wedding, etc.

Clerical – If we’re going to put it in the paper, that had better happen soon.  We also need to pay the church.  We’re in the middle of getting the programs done, and she’s started her thank you notes from the wedding shower.  And a couple of quick tasks: her change of address, starting the guest book pages, copies of agendas, etc.

Decorations – It’s time to glue together all the things we got weeks ago, and I need to pull down my Christmas boxes and count out the white lights we’ll use.

Misc. – We found some pre-made drawstring bags for the lavender the girls picked, so we’ll need to fill those.  And I think she’s planning on background music for the reception, so she’ll need to get that all set.

Wedding party – We still have not found shoes for the bridesmaids, and their hairdos are a big question mark.  A friend of the bride is doing the bride’s makeup, and they want another dry run.  The bride and I are scheduled for haircuts.  Other than that, we’re golden—except for steam-pressing all the outfits, and simple manicures for the ladies.

Food –Yours truly is doing a small spread of food for the reception—my mother and sister will help me.  This week I’ll finalize my plans and start shopping.

Well.  I guess having it all written out makes it look like a lot, but it’s really not much.  The couple is doing very well, and we are so happy for them!  These details are just the icing on the cake, so to speak.  People have been so helpful, and God has been blessing; I do pray that God will continue to bless!

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