Epic Fail!

I can’t go a whole day without grousing about something.  Ninny!

I’m short. I need stepstools and tongs in every room.  Nincompoop!

I’m an interrupter.  People have to talk fast to keep me quiet.  Tard!

I make high-pitched squeaks when I’m frustrated.  Lame!

I’m large.  The effort required for weight loss seems too high a price to pay.  Epic fail!

I tend to do almost all steps correctly on any task, but not all.  Close, but no cigar.  Blockhead!

I need certain circumstances to be socially comfortable.   I am still shy.  Nerd!

I’m a very good transcriber and proofreader.  But technology keeps me humble.  Bleh!

I’m not the best at homeschooling; I always seem to be in the middle of something.  Heinous!

I wasted my younger years on sin and foolishness.  Waste!

I’m not tactful, fashionable, or graceful.  Sometimes I’m not even reasonable.  Awkward!

I’m not the tenderest caregiver. She’s well cared-for and loved—but I’m no Florence Nightingale.  Flop!

I spend more than I should, and my budget is a muddled mess most of the time.  Blunderer!

I tend to beat myself up.  A lot.  I guess that’s obvious from this blog.  Yeah; I do that.  Bad girl!

Okay, here’s my “comment” (to save you the trouble):  God made me, and He doesn’t make mistakes. … I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

The fact is…

I do go most of the day without grousing. (Grace).

I have fingers to handle those tongs.  (Creation.)

I don’t always interrupt!  (Miracle.)

Squeaking isn’t cussing.  (Example.)

I’m very healthy.  (Protection.)

I do some things correctly.  (Teachers.)

I am okay socially, often.  (Forgiveness.)

I have learned enough technology to do my job.  (Truth.)

My daughters preferred the home-school method.  (Gift.)

I repented and found hope in Christ.  (Savior.)

My mother-in-law is comfortable here.  (Peace.)

I’ve had all our needs these 35 years.  (Providence.)

So yeah, actually! Many times, things do go right.  (Did you notice?  It’s all God.)

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2 Responses to Epic Fail!

  1. Lizzy says:

    Made my day Phoebe!

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    ‘Glad I could help. It’s all about perspective!

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