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Ready to Regroup? or Jumping the Gun?

The wedding’s done.  So is that food prep job.  So is the latest typing job. Tomorrow I expect to have completed painting that room.  The next couple of days will be filled with a number of miscellaneous tasks in my … Continue reading

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My Husband is Awesome

He and I never miss morning coffee, and he even pours. He’s never missed a single paycheck.  [To GOD be the glory.] He has made a home here for his frail mother. He’s six-foot-two, and eyes of blue. Every morning … Continue reading

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Procrastination 101

I remember a Sicko Song we sang when we were kids: Suffocation takes coordination; Suffocation, that’s the game to play. First you take a paper bag, Then you put it on your head. Go to bed, Wake up dead. Whee! … Continue reading

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Hometown Hillbillies

Our clan has quite a lot of history in this town.  Two lines of my great-great grandparents settled here over a hundred years ago.  Since my niece, her husband, and their son live within 25 miles, that almost qualifies us … Continue reading

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The EASY Button

My daughter is trying to housebreak a 4-month-old Labrador.  As much as she’d like to push the EASY button and have it done with, it’s going to be a long haul; she’ll need to be diligent, perseverant, and consistent. Most … Continue reading

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What IS this, Tuesday at Noon?

Each of my family members loves to coin our own buzz words.  Oh, yeah, and we use lines from music and movies, too.  Particularly “Star Wars”: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” /  “Toy Story”: “Falling—with style!” /  “POTC”:  … Continue reading

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The Eisenhower Box

None of us can completely escape “the tyranny of the urgent,” nor would we want to: what kind of robots can’t change plans to help our neighbor?  Actually, I’ve seen people like that; they’re so structured, no interruptions can throw … Continue reading

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