A Very Moving Day

As if planning the wedding

Weren’t torture enough,

I just watched them haul

Away all her stuff:


The dresser we painted

A few years ago

Because it had lambies

And duckies, you know.


But she’s still a kid

At least to me, because

Her mirror has stickers

Of Woody and Buzz.


She gave up her collection

Of small figurines,

But took along her doll

And a few special things;


Her clothing and jewelry

That she won’t need soon,

Or during the wedding

Or on the honeymoon.


The shelf that she uses

For makeup and gear,

And papers and so forth,

And some souvenirs.


With nearly 20 years,

There still is no way,

A mother can prepare for

Her daughter’s moving day.


We’d already moved all her

Gifts and hope chest,

But seeing this trailer

For me was a test.


And I failed it miserably,

As I watched the big haul,

Then repaired to my bedroom

And sat down to bawl.


See, all of the other times

I’d welled up with tears,

We had people around—

So I hid well my fears.


But today they were gone—

No one was home—

So I let it all out

As I cried there, alone.


And then to my God,

My heart did look up,

And I didn’t feel nearly

So sad and shook up.


Then I quietly resumed

My plans for the day

When my husband and I

Will give her away.

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5 Responses to A Very Moving Day

  1. Tamz says:

    Well, I’m not there yet, but a similar day
    Probably isn’t that far away.
    Though I’m not the mother, I’m just a friend,
    Reading the blog that you recently penned
    Made my eyes well up full, cause “there still is no way,
    A mother can prepare for her daughter’s moving day.”

  2. Megpie says:

    Now you’ve made me cry auntie Elsie!! 😥 happy sad tears, happy for em but sad for mommie :}

  3. It ain’t easy, is it?? Praying for you! ♥

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