Something in the Air

Yesterday was eerie.  And it wasn’t just the crying jag.  It was a peculiar day.  Hubby left at Oh-Dark 30 for a fishing trip, I didn’t go.  Back to sleep.

I knew something was up when I found a giant mess.  Had been cleaned up.  Himmanahoo?  Of course, I’ve found clean-ups occasionally, but this time I was floored by the thoroughness.  This was the work of a force foreign to my home.

I made templates and work stations for the girls to help with wedding programs.  While I got groceries.  Ew.  It’s busy on Saturdays: what a freak show.

As I stored the punch ingredients, I noticed they had almost finished programs.  Again, quite bizarre.

Hubby’s sister showed up.  Mother-in-law had not asked.  Odd.  But that, my friends, is the lady’s new territory.

The mailman delivered two giant boxes for Hubby.  We don’t open each other’s mail.  Unless we want to.  I left ‘em.  Strange goings on, I tell ya!

The trailer load went off without a hitch (pardon the pun).  Until a box-lid flew off.  I’d suggested a tarp, but nobody listened to Mom.  (Now THAT is extremely strange!  JK LOL)

Next was the sadness I wrote about yesterday.  Uber sad.

Then some other screwball things happened to my kids.  But this isn’t their blog.

Then something uncanny: my daughters’ friend asked if she could cook dinner.  She and D2 grilled chicken, and did pasta and a tangy black bean salad. Weird, huh?  But YUM.

I had to hop in the car at 10 o’clock at night.  At one point Hubby’s wallet and two sets of keys were at the bottom of a shallow river.  After a 4-hour drive home, he discovered one set of keys was still swimming with the fishies.

As I slipped on my clogs to take him a key, I told the kids:  Prayer’s in order; something wicked’s afoot!

What clinched it was this tragic scene: a vintage Corvette rolling along.  Slowly.  With a guy walking next to it.  Man: there’s something in the air.

I hunkered under the covers. ‘Wanted this day to end.  But my eyeballs didn’t.  Of all the nights to have downed two cups of coffee …

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