My dad is going to make it to the wedding!  Suh-WEET!

Hubby’s oldest daughter (lives far away) got a job!  Suh-WEET!

After a bad mix-up at the copy company, my fit only lasted 30 seconds!  Suh-WEET!

The roof got finished this morning!  Right on bid!  Suh-WEET!

I found an easier way to color my hair! Suh-WEET!

D1’s final driving class got switched from 25 miles away in heavy traffic, to 5.  Suh-WEET!

D2 is making fountain treats with homemade whipped cream, and cream soda. Suh-WEET!

We finished our fourth square dance lesson, and he hasn’t dropped out yet!  Suh-WEET!

I’ve got new glasses coming!  Suh-WEET!

The wedding plans are right on schedule!  Suh-WEET!

My friend taught me how to blow-dry my hair for no frizzies!  Suh-WEET!

I needed one item.  At the buy one/get one half-off sale, I just bought one! Suh-WEET!

None of my molecules are missing!  Suh-WEET!

Talking to the sound guy for the wedding was not a pain!  Suh-WEET!

I’ve completed my plan for this year’s Christmas lights!  Suh-WEET!

I discovered just in time that I had taken out the wrong giant casserole to thaw.  Suh-WEET!

I have a soft kitty!  Suh-WEET!

We get to go to a spaghetti feed this week!  Suh-WEET!

My foot’s better!  Suh-WEET!

My family is awesome!  Suh-WEET!

You didn’t click out before reading the whole list!  Suh-WEET!

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6 Responses to Suh-WEET!

  1. Dennis says:

    … dance lesson, and he hasn’t dropped out yet!
    That’s amazing

  2. Tamz says:

    Wow! A comment re: dancing… One step closer to being there!! ;o)

  3. Lily says:

    I’m sad that your foot’s not better any more 😦
    But the rest of these are pretty great.

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