The Day Is Upon Us

Well, it’s here.  ‘Bet you’re glad: maybe after this my blog will be a bit more diverse. hehe

The living room just now is quiet after the sound of children (hairdo, clip-on tie, etc.).  I’m finalizing my food shopping lists, Grandpa’s settling in at the motel, the girls are folding napkins, and they finally settled on bridesmaids’ shoes [For Pete’s SAKE!!!].

A dear friend dropped off the maid of honor to help the bride, and sweetly hung around in case she could help.  Frankly, I really didn’t need anything today, except to have the freedom of movement to pencil things down, crack the whip so the bride finishes her tasks, and get my own household chores done.  Feeling somewhat helpless and in the way, she bid me adieu.  Having given only a half-attended good-bye, I hobbled outside and apologized.  She said no apology was necessary, and we agreed to have coffee next week.  That’ll be nice.

After a few more tasks today, we leave for the bride’s final Driver’s Ed class, during which time D2 and I will do that grocery shopping.  Then we are hoping for a fairly quiet last evening at home with the bride—plus, we have the added bonus of Hubby heading to the airport to pick up OLDEST daughter!

Tomorrow is a quick bit of food prep (nothing fancy, really), setting up the decorations, and the rehearsal dinner.

Everything seems to be coming together very nicely.  Thanks go out to GOD.  It’s all because of HIM.

Now: if we can keep the kitty-cat out of the roses, all will be well.

Okay, I suppose I should sign off until after the weekend.  Ttyl!

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7 Responses to The Day Is Upon Us

  1. Tamz says:

    Clarification…. dear friend dropped off the bridesmaid…. with shoes (finally, for PETE’s sake!!) for the maid of honor. ‘o)

  2. Take time to ENJOY the wedding! Praying for a lovely time for all of you. ♥

  3. Tamz says:

    Oh, of course!! I will not speak of those unmentionables to you!!

    Praying for good rest, strong soles, blessed fellowship, and peace that surpasses all understanding!!

  4. Tamz says:

    … as in feet? Strong feet.

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