I’m Gonna Make It!


Last night I looked up at the clock and actually thought it was time for D1 to come home from work.  Man, I cried again! But that’s the only time since before the wedding.  Now I just well up once in awhile: when I wrote last night’s blog, when we left D2 to go to square-dance lessons, as I packed up the wedding decorations today, when the phone rang this afternoon and I thought it might be her.

“You’ve got to stop this!”  I scolded myself.  And then I realized—as long as I’m not sobbing any more, it’s okay to get choked up.  I miss them.  That’s a good thing, right?

Frankly, memories from the wedding have me giggling inside.  Take, for instance, my Hubby cracking everybody up by running after the happy couple as they drove away!  He turned to face the crowd, his tongue sticking out sideways. Talk about a laugh riot!  And my mother is so funny, telling this one: she wore an outfit she found in her house (figuring one of us had passed it on), only to find out later she dined at the reception with the lady to whom the outfit belongs!  The person who’d borrowed it neglected to tell Mom it was left there for her to return! HAHA!  And there was another amusing hiccup that I’d love to tell you about, but, well, I’d better “sit” on that one.  [!]  …Yeah, these memories make it difficult to be a cry-baby.

Yeah, I know:  not skipping dance lessons the day after the wedding.  We’re amazing, what can I say?  (The truth is, we’re borderline remedial, and missing a lesson would move us to the short bus for sure.)  But yeah, after all they’d been walked through this weekend, my dogs were barkin’.

Today I’m doing well.  My daughter helped me put everything away, catch up on chores, and pack her sister’s remaining belongings.  We’re even having company over tonight to use up some of the leftover dessert.

All said, (Thanks, Lord) I think I’m healing nicely.

Ahem.  My checkbook, on the other hand…

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4 Responses to I’m Gonna Make It!

  1. just me says:

    I know what you mean about the whole thing! 😥 But God…right? But God is here, . Giving us comfort and strength for each day, sometimes even each moment…
    I love the words, but God, don’t you?

  2. Wish I could come over for some of that leftover dessert….yummmm.

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