Six Degrees of Separation

You’ve heard of the “six degrees of separation,” the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on earth. I’m contemplating the possibility that people I know … might already know each other.  The math quickly became too complex for me, but I did come up with some interesting scenarios:

My mom sells antiques.  My computer engineer friend is an antique.  See what I mean?

My neighbor knows how to repair dented transports.  My pastor knows the Way to repair souls.  My airline troubleshooter friend should know both of these guys!

My niece is a culinary teacher.  Her students drain all her energy.  My plumber friend can fix drains.

My aunt is a retiree.  So is my friend.  So is my dad.  So is my other friend.  I wonder if any of them have Facebook?

My brother-in-law pours concrete.  My friend is in construction.  Another is an electrician.  My husband is in a building maintenance engineer.   Another guy is a handyman.  I am facing the grim possibility that my not getting these guys together caused our state economy to tank.

My friend installs heaters.  Another delivers soft drinks.  Both of their trucks are full of hot air.  Is that a conflict of interest?

My boss is an appraiser.  My friend is an administrative assistant.  I will not introduce them.

I know a student, a teacher, and a coach. One’s a young man, the other teaches teens, and the coach works with girls.  If I put these together, somebody could get in trouble.

A waitress, a mail carrier, a landscaper, a musician, and a farmer walked into a bar.  (Well, 3 out of 5.)

I wonder if my prison guard friend could use an electrical engineer—oh, maybe once every 5 to 20?

I know two factory crew leads.  If they traded jobs, none of the machines would work, but they’d sure be pretty!

The rest of my acquaintances fall into one of these categories:  homemaker, office worker, or computer nerd.  Actually, to be any one of those, you’d better be all three.

Well, there it is; I guess everybody is connected in six or fewer steps.  One thing’s for sure, I’m glad they’re all connected to me!

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