Today I posted this Facebook status: “I gave somebody a chocolate bar; he put it in my freezer.  I am now eating it.  Is that wrong?”   Eight comments later, I realized I’d either struck an ethics chord, or people are just really emphatic about their chocolate.

Either way, it made me think.  Remember the game Scruples? When I was young, I loved that game; it was interesting to see people’s responses.  But guess what?  About 30 years ago, I quit playing it.  Once the Bible became my standard for faith and conduct, I realized that game is stupid.

I no longer have the game of Scruples, but a question might go like this:  “It is twenty years in the future. The government has banned the works of Shakespeare. The one remaining copy is trapped in a burning building. You can either save it or rescue a young woman trapped in an adjoining room. Which do you save?”

DUH!  There are so many things that are cut-and-dried to those who know God and His commands: Do not repay evil for evil; If your enemy is hungry, feed him; Be sincere; Sex is a gift to the married; Things people work for belong to them; The womb is not a gray area.  Yes, even my chocolate bar dilemma is a no-brainer: I owe him a Hershey bar.  Deal.

In all fairness, I thought I should include a few that might be debatable:
1)  The vet says your dog needs a $3,000 operation.  Do you pay?  … What if it were your cat?

2)  You work as a buyer, and you made a verbal agreement with a supplier. A competitor offers you a deal for 50% less. Do you take the deal?

3)  A colleague is out of her office. You notice her paycheck stub on her desk. Do you glance at it?

5) I wrote this blog while my husband was shampooing the carpets.  Is that wrong?

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4 Responses to Scruples

  1. Lily says:

    1) Probably not (Right now, since I have no job, definitely not :P).
    2) Dunno. Probably.
    3) If I did, it would only be because I always forget that people consider that kind of thing personal.
    4) Definitely not. It’s Saturday. 🙂

  2. Tamz says:

    1) Only if it’s a breeding dog worth way more than that, and absolutely NOT for a cat. ‘o)

    2) I’d see if the 1st supplier can meet (or even come close to) the competitor’s price and, if he can’t, give a verbal apology and take the better deal.

    3) Nope. (although I’d be tempted!)

    4) No way!

    Oh, and I see I was right re: owing Jeff too. wink, wink.

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