My Husband is Awesome

He and I never miss morning coffee, and he even pours.

He’s never missed a single paycheck.  [To GOD be the glory.]

He has made a home here for his frail mother.

He’s six-foot-two, and eyes of blue.

Every morning we study Scripture together.

He’s a talented fly-fisherman.

He hates square dancing lessons but keeps going—for me.

He served in the United States Marine Corps.

He’s a good daddy to his three excellent daughters.

He’s a good grandpa to his super grandson and granddaughter.

He used to be a chef’s assistant, and is still a very good cook.

He can talk like a pirate.

He’s learning computer lingo to communicate with our young people.

We got together 29 years ago (married 28).  And he’s still here.

When he married me I was beautiful.  Now I’m not.  And he’s still here.

In a house with 8 or 9 humans and animals, he’s the only one with testosterone.  And he’s still here.

He knows just enough about a lot of things.

He knows a great deal about several things.

He tells me often how thankful he is to have me as his helpmate.

He likes my cooking, even when it’s simple-simple stuff.

He can operate giant machines in giant buildings.

He likes guns, but does not force me to like them.

He never has talked derogatorily or inappropriately about me.

He’s authentic (not a BS-er.)

He recognizes the graces God imparts to us are undeserved.

He is blessed by hummingbirds, frogs, salmon, dogs, and sunsets.

When people drift away, he calls them on the phone.

He is my provider, teacher, protector, and my best friend.

He does multiple flights of stairs.

He’s cuddly.

Most of the time he’s jolly.

He doesn’t have any nasty habits.

He’s nearly 60 but it’s very easy to forget that; he seems a lot younger.

He’s helping our daughter with the puppy—so I don’t have to.

He has a chronic disease but has learned to deal with it very well.

If I weren’t way beyond my word limit and out of time, I could easily say more.

I love my husband!

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9 Responses to My Husband is Awesome

  1. Lily says:

    I love this blog! Daddy is a great guy!
    Hey, btw, you are STILL beautiful, Mommy, and I mean it. 🙂

  2. Yer Hubby says:

    Yes on both counts.
    You are beautiful and you should write a blog about your daughters.

  3. Tamz says:

    Yes on both counts.
    You are beautiful, and you should write a blog about your daughters. ‘o)

    I think Dave will forgive you this one time for writing about him.

  4. Just me says:

    I very much appreciated today’s blog. It’s a great reminder for me to have a list of things I love about my own husband! And I have always thought you are beautiful, outside and in! Don’t you ever think any different, dear sister…and I third the motion about writing about your lovely daughters! 🙂

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