Ready to Regroup? or Jumping the Gun?

The wedding’s done.  So is that food prep job.  So is the latest typing job. Tomorrow I expect to have completed painting that room.  The next couple of days will be filled with a number of miscellaneous tasks in my queue: refilling that bedroom, quite a few chores, sending the Thanksgiving email, autumn décor, defrosting the freezer, dealing with an insurance snafu, ironing, and so on.

After that, though, it’s time to regroup.

You all know I’m the organized type.  Would you believe it’s time to start my Christmas Planner?  I have a list of things I do each week.  No, it’s not busy work; it’s a method that I have discovered truly enables my family to have a season of joy rather than chaos.  It’s a lot like budgeting for that real estate tax bill (yes, that’s on my list this week too):  it’s a large amount to take care of, but it’s important to us, so we break it down into increments.  Christmas is important to me; it’s a time of celebrating the Savior, connecting with friends and relatives, and bringing traditional blessings to my family.  In order to make it extra special without becoming burdensome (and a big red-flagged question mark as to my motives and intentions), I break it down into weekly lists.  (Besides: since I love Christmas so much, it gives me a whole month longer to enjoy it!) Oh, no worries:  I only do behind-the-scenes stuff.  We do not turn on the lights or music until after Thanksgiving.

**heavy sigh.**  Ahh, but for now I will discipline myself to retreat from starting the new game plan quite yet.  I need to get through the tasks at hand, and then do my regrouping. But before this week’s out…  Let the games begin!

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