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What a Difference A Day Makes

Well!  Here you are, God bless ya.  While you were gone, things have been hopping around here; actually, it’s a paradigm shift. My little old mother-in-law developed sciatica over the holiday weekend.  For most of us, that would mean a … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Well, it’s time to take a couple of days off.  May you be blessed with my song of Thanksgiving. = – = I’m thanking God for family and home, And for the fact that I’m never alone. In every place, … Continue reading

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An Uninteresting Day

We awakened to snow and ice.  …‘Had to cancel my favorite thing.  —But I got a lot done at home! Hubby took my car to work.  …He also took his car key.  —But he ran the errand for me. My … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Survive Long

Today Hubby sent me to have our studded tires installed.  Guess what? “5- to 6-hour wait.”  As if the queue would spontaneously disappear, I left my car and hoofed it to the nearby Goodwill store. I found lots of things—none … Continue reading

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In addition to completing her senior year of high school, and training a brand-new puppy, our daughter is now part of the 4-H organization.  She’s late in the game, but her horseback riding trainer encouraged her to join since she’s … Continue reading

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The puppy is getting bigger.  It’s like having a 30-pound infant.  He needs to be baby-sat, fed, and cuddled.  And he’s cute!  Ben is learning a lot; it seems he is a teachable animal.  He did go to a frayed … Continue reading

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Grocery Stores are Dangerous

“Honey, we’re almost out of creamer.” “I’ll pick some up next time I go to the store.” Most of us have never considered what it would be like to do without a local supermarket.  Seriously, I’ve been thrilled with this … Continue reading

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